Teachers & Participants

We are pleased to announce that the following distinguished scholars and PhD students have confirmed their participation in the summer school.


PhD participants:

  • Sara Ahola (University of Oulu, Finland) – SIG8
    Self-Efficacy and Participation in Group Level Regulation during Collaborative Learning
  • Sophia Braumann (University of Utrecht, Netherlands) – SIG16
    How does Feedback on Students’ Diagramming Affect Monitoring Accuracy of their Text Comprehension?
  • Emily Corwin-Renner (University of Tübingen, Germany) – SIG8
    Exploring and Improving Students’ Enjoyment-Based Metamotivational Strategies
  • Evropi Efthymiadou (University of Thessaloniki, Greece) – SIG8
    Adolescents’ Possible Selves in a Changing and Challenging World: The School as a Motivating Context for Shaping Hoped-for Academic Possible Selves
  • Meg Farrell (Technical University Munich, Germany) – SIG8
    The Dynamic Role of Preservice Teachers’ Video-Analysis Situational Interest in Instructional Design
  • Franziska Frohberg (University of Leipzig, Germany) – SIG8
    Implicit Theories of Intelligence in Student Teachers
  • Inga ten Hagen (Technical University Dortmund, Germany) – SIG8
    “Can I teach this Student?”: Motivational Implications of Teachers’ Perceived Teaching Effectiveness
  • Alla Hemi (Bar-Illan University, Israel) – SIG8
    Motivational Climate, Identity Formation Styles and Adolescents‘ Achievement Goals
  • Johannes Jud (University of Basel, Switzerland) – SIG8&16
    Teachers’ Motivation: Predictors and Impacts of Teachers’ Expectations and Values on the Promotion of Self-Regulated Learning
  • Henriikka Juntunen (University of Helsinki, Finland) – SIG8
    University Students’ Motivational Trajectories and Well-Being
  • Emmi Kaila (Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland) – SIG16
    Designing Learning Tools to Foster University Students’ Self-Regulation in Thesis Processes
  • Kerstin Kisielski (Technical University Dresden, Germany) – SIG8
    Development and Validation of the Task-Specific Expectancy-Value Form of Learning Motivation
  • Annika Luisa Koch (Technical University Dortmund, Germany) – SIG8
    Teacher Motivation and Perspective-Specific vs. Common Teacher-Student Ratings of Teaching Quality 
  • Ulku Kozluca (Exeter University, United Kingdom) – SIG8
    Investigation of ESL Writing Anxiety in an Academic Context: A Study on International Postgraduate Students Studying in the UK
  • Clara Kuhn (University of Salzburg, Austria) – SIG8
    The Role of Motivation in the Experiences and Behaviours of Mentor Teachers in the School Practicum
  • Helena Laudel (Technical University Dresden, Germany) – SIG8
    Self-Regulation after Failure Feedback: Supporting Adaptive Reactions through Prompting Internal Feedback, Self-Compassion or both
  • Kelsey Losenno (McGill University, Canada) – SIG8
    The Development of Emotion Regulation during Elementary Aged Students‘ Mathematics Problem Solving
  • Laura Menschaart (Erasmus University Rotterdam;
    Delft University of Technology, Netherlands) – SIG8&16
    Self-Regulated Learning and Achievement Emotions in Service Mathematics Education
  • Lihi Sarfaty (University of Haifa, Israel) – SIG16
    The Relations between Parental Psychological Functioning and the Internalization of Self-Regulation and School Readiness in Young Children
  • Katja Saxer (University of Bern, Switzerland) – SIG8
    Climate Change in Schools – Student Well-being, School Climate and Class Climate
  • Tatiana Shubina (University of Oulu, Finland) – SIG8
    Secondary School Students’ Interest in Collaborative Learning Settings
  • Meropi Simou (University of Thessaloniki, Greece) – SIG8
    Academic and Psychological Help Seeking among Students in Higher Education: Investigating Alternative Profiles and Planning a Psychoeducational Intervention to Promote Help-Seeking Behaviors
  • Thijmen Van Alphen (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands) – SIG8
    Effects of Future Time Perspective and Buoyancy on Teacher Stress and Their Professional Learning
  • Christiana Varda (Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus) – SIG8
    Informal Learning on Social Media: Understanding the Role of Emotions in Supporting Epistemic Engagement during Online Information Evaluation
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