Technische Universität Dresden

Dresden is home to a number of renowned universities. The Dresden University of Technology, Technische Universität Dresden, with more than 36 000 students was founded in 1828 and is among the oldest and largest Universities of Technology in Germany. It offers more than 120 courses within the technological field but also the social studies, economics and other non-technical sciences. Since 2012, TUD has been one of the “Universities of Excellence”.
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The Faculty of Psychology in the School of Science at TU Dresden considers itself to be an empirical human science with a focus on scientific experiments. Due to its diverse study programs, as well as the interconnection between basic and applied subjects, the Faculty of Psychology is highly appealing to students. The excellent research infrastructure and internationally renowned teams also offer young scientists the best start to their careers. In order to achieve the common objective of understanding the cognitive, emotional, socio-cultural and neuronal processes that underlie human behaviour and experience, the Faculty of Psychology maintains a number of collaborations with other disciplines (e.g. neuroscience, psychiatry, genetics, occupational science, business, economics, and education).
Further Information: Faculty of Psychology at TU Dresden

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